The PowerPoint equivalent is the bulleted list that builds point by point. It much slicker than the old paper based process. But it still frustratingly controlling by the speaker. In addition to the potentially harmful UV rays if the ozone levels continue deteriorating along the same path as they did at the South Pole global warming is likely to accelerate. Greenhouse gases will trap energy lower down in the atmosphere, heating it up which will in turn reduce the temperature of the stratosphere. As colder temperatures are more suitable for the chemical reactions that break down ozone this would create an amplification effect that would only exacerbate the problem..

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They also are an excellent reminder to get up and stretch those muscles. Plants, especially live ones, can not only add a fresh aroma to your space, but a bit of colorful decor to help brighten your day. Small bonsai plants are a great idea for designing a cozy home office.

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The NBA playoffs are done and won. The Stanley Cup has a home until next year. A new series of pro and amateur sports are now underway outdoor sports played in the open air, rain or shine in some cases. Boaters, especially the ones offering river cruises across the US and UK, make good use of GPS marine maps. Apart from these, small fishing vessels and even people yachting for fun employ at least a single GPS marine receiver onboard. GPS marine maps help with boat navigation by offering the water details to the boaters.

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