It difficult to balance the rights of the individual against the rights of a society. When I was working on philosophy, a lot of my work focused on whether groups can have rights, and what kinds of rights those groups had. It a very contentious field, at best, but if you look at society as being a necessary structure that allows us to cooperate with one another and offers protections against various risks that would exist and potentially make our quality of life much worse, then it would seem that in some instances, society at large is a necessary structure and one which should be upheld.

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Despite all the progress we’ve made over the years, being a woman today is harder than ever before. Many of us are still victims of a deeply rooted, collective belief that it’s selfish to put ourselves first. No matter how many opportunities we may have gained, we’re often still expected to play the role of major caregiver not only for our children, but our parents and partners as well..

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