I welcome the Department of Labor’s invitation to engage constructively as the Commission moves forward with its examination of the standards of conduct applicable to investment advisers and broker dealers, and related matters. I believe clarity and consistency and, in areas overseen by more than one regulatory body, coordination are key elements of effective oversight and regulation. We should have these elements in mind as we strive to best serve the interests of our nation’s retail investors in this important area..

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According to the SEC’s order in the internal controls proceeding, Moody’s failed to establish and document an effective internal control structure as to models that Moody’s had outsourced from a corporate affiliate and used in rating RMBS from 2010 through 2013. Moreover, Moody’s failed to maintain and enforce existing internal controls that should have been applied to the models. Ultimately, Moody’s corrected more than 650 RMBS ratings with a notional value exceeding $49 billion, due, in part, to errors in the models.

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