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County is the most populous county as of the 2010 Census with 905,116 people, while County is the least populous with 66,083 people.Representation in the New Jersey Legislature[edit]Interactive map of counties in NJUntil the 1960s, the New Jersey Senate had 21 representatives, one from each county regardless of population. In the wake of the 1964 decision by the Supreme Court of the United in Reynolds v. Sims, establishing the one man, one vote principle that state legislative districts must be approximately equal in size, David Friedland filed suit in New Jersey Supreme Court on behalf of two union leaders, challenging a system under which each county was represented by a single member in the New Jersey Senate.

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Well, im definitely not saying its a failure, im just trying to hammer home the growing divide of people who (no pun intended) “get it” or “dont get it” is plain dumb. The finale is just not what most people come to sunny for. If you personally find it funny, thats fantastic.

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