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Athletic officials didn’t regularly review department finances uk replica hermes writtleholdings , audit saysAudit says officials misused university-issued credit cardsUniversity spokeswoman says audits show no evidence of fraud or missing fundsEAST LANSING Audits show Michigan State University’s former athletic director Mark Hollis and former President Lou Anna Simon were repeatedly warned that sports staff members weren’t adequately following the school’s financial procedures.The Lansing State Journal obtained the university’s internal audits through a public records request. Hollis and Simon left the university this year in the wake of the Larry Nassar sexual abuse scandal.Auditors reported that athletic officials didn’t regularly review department finances and misused university-issued credit cards. Auditors also warned the athletic department six times that complimentary game tickets were being handled improperly.The audits say officials offered explanations and improvements for each finding, but the same issues reappeared in subsequent audits.A university spokeswoman said the audits show no evidence of fraud or missing funds.

Audits warned of lax Michigan State athletic money oversight

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