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Netflix has extended compatibility of its internet connection speed test with the launch of mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.As with the original service the new app serves solely to calculate the internet connection speed of the installed device to give users an indication of the likely performance of Netflix. This is presented in the form of a grey counter clock which updates in tandem with the strength of signal.A separate link on the app takes people through to a download page for the separate Speedtest mobile app.The bare bones solution does what it says on the tin (and nothing else) but does give a more accurate reading as it tests downloads direct from Netflixs own servers as opposed to raw upload and download times.This also serves to furnish Netflix with a wealth of real world data on the performance of its service, potentially enabling it to optimise content and recommendations for individuals.This news comes days after Netflix brush aside concerns following disappointing membership numbers are published.This article is about: World prada replica handbags mihalis , Netflix, DigitalSource: Tech Crunch

Netflix introduces iOS and Android mobile speed test app

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