The hard part is that the perception of confidence and trust comes primarily through spoken words in the Western world. It become so embedded in the culture that it twice as hard for quiet people to be seen as competent and qualified in job interviews. Thinking critically and analyzing your thoughts before you speak is a skill so underrated in Western culture that it ends up being underrepresented (see: state of our White House at the moment)..

The team over at PocketMac has been syncing all of our needed information for a variety of devices. From iPhones, Blackberries and other handhelds, PocketMac adds a much desired convenience to your daily activities. Well, they take on one of your most important set of information, your calendar.

The NFFTY provides a platform for young filmmakers to show their talents and learn from each other. Most of those who join this competition come from middle school, high school and college. The film festival is one of a few modern day film festivals catering to youth filmmaking.

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