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The British buried him in an unmarked grave to keep his followers away. News of his death took a fortnight to reach India and almost went unnoticed.”Former South African President Nelson Mandela was jailed for 27 years. Of these 27 years behind bars, he had spent 18 on Robben Island, near Cape Town city.

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Embedded firmware programming is different from normal PC programming because it is usually designed to do one task or set of tasks. The power of a PC is that it can run many different programs. You may choose to write a letter in Word or read a pdf document in reader.

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The first challenge to economic logic is government interventions in the health insurance market, supposedly to help consumers. Recently, I wrote about the benefits of short term health insurance policies. I suggested that recent college grads who were not on their parents’ policies (they’re allowed to stay until age 26, but it’s expensive) might do better purchasing short term health insurance policies.

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