Canada Goose Parka Why didn’t the Russians use the ‘retreat and freeze’ tactics in World War One that worked so effectively in both the Napoleonic Wars and World War 2

Canada Goose Jackets Welcome to /r/History!We ask that your comments contribute and be on topic. Canada Goose Online One of the most heard complaints about default subreddits is the fact that the comment section has a considerable Canada Goose Jackets amount of jokes, puns and other off topic comments, which drown out meaningful discussion. Which is why we ask this, because /r/History is dedicated to knowledge about a certain subject with an emphasis on discussion.The first because the Russian political environment required it. Their alliance with France demanded that Russia take substantial offensive action against Germany. or rather, canada goose black friday sale French military and political pressure on their Russian counterparts demanded it. In the two decades of alliance before the war France constantly stressed the need for Russian plans to have an offensive focus against Germany. France even gave Russia loans for railway expansions, but only on the condition that the money was spent on rail lines that served a military purpose (to an almost exclusive extent, as in general the rails that France directed Russia to build served little to no commercial need).Further, Russia had to pressure Austria Hungary to attempt to save Serbia. As the propaganda message Canada Goose sale delivered to the public as the reason for the war was “standing by our oppressed Slavic brothers” (or some such nonsense), it wouldn do domestically to be seen as passively watching Serbia fall. If Serbia also felt that Russia had failed to actually attempt to come to their aid, then Serbia might start to question the value of being a client state of Russia (given the previous [perceived] failures of Russia to properly support Serbian political ambition). This would have been especially bad for Russia given the they had just finished alienating their previous preferred Balkan client state in Bulgaria, cheap canada goose uk and would have risked leaving Russia with no proxies in the Balkans to pursue their agenda.The second reason is that Germany and Austria weren playing that game. Canada Goose Parka There was ZERO interest in gallivanting around the depths of the cheap Canada Goose Russian wilderness on some military excursion. The Germans even buy canada goose jacket passed on opportunities to exploit clear Russian weaknesses in the early stages simply because they assumed that exactly what the Russians would try and do. Russian Poland was hugely underdeveloped from a logistics view, and German leadership didn believe (generally with great cause) that they could canada goose clearance sale adequately supply their armies on any deep Canada Goose Coats On Sale thrust. In fact, you can mark the end of basically every eastern front campaign by finding when the offensive army reached a certain distance from their rail heads (I think it around 150 miles but I can quite remember right now).It wasn until canada goose factory sale the Russian army was an obvious corpse and Germany saw the pressing need for productive farmland that Germany canada goose uk outlet opened up to pushing deeper into Russia territory.So. There was a defensive line at the uk canada goose Vistula that the German commanders were ordered to retreat back to if needed. However they never even got close to the Vistula before the Battle of Tannenberg within a few weeks canada goose uk black friday of the war starting. Here one German Army on its own managed to cripple one Russian Army while they annihilated another army, with its commanding general committing suicide. They canadian goose jacket then mopped up the other army and kicked them out of Prussia.The Russian advance achieved nothing except losing the best part of two Armies. The corps transferred from the West were not sent because the Russian advances were a threat. The Germans were already winning at Usdau when the orders were made canada goose store to transfer the Corps, and it was known that they would arrive to late to be used in the Battle. Even schlieffen conceded his plan wouldn work because there wasn logistical canada goose uk shop infrastructure to move or supply the uk canada goose outlet number Canada Goose Outlet of troops he needed to the places he needed.The “schlieffen plan” was also written as a single front war and included front line support of a million Austrian and Italian troops.In reality, Germany lacked the troops to implement the original “schlieffen plan” as not only would they not outnumber the French army by any meaningful amount, they certainly wouldn have manpower to LAY SIEGE TO PARIS AND ITS SURROUNDING FORTS while canada goose clearance still fighting the French army in the field.In reality, the German army logistics could barely keep the 1st and 2nd army in supply as it was. This was part of the reason why the BEF was able to break contact with the Germans. Adding more men to the right wing does not buy canada goose jacket cheap add capacity to the logistics infrastructure.Their retreats tended to be unplanned and chaotic (generally an outcome of an officer corp that often delivered grossly optimistic reports up the command line, causing relief or reinforcement to come to late (or not at all) to prevent breaking.On the eastern front the force density was quite low compared to the west, canada goose coats so a local retreat was also likely to dangerously expose the flank of the adjacent forces canada goose outlet online and there may not be enough local reserves to both stabilize the retreating line and fill the spaces on the flanks. They were seeing it as a defeat most of the time, if it was a tactics wouldn they be happy while retreating? That what Tolstoy said. He is not a historian but I thought it is an accepted argument. I was canada goose asking whether that was what happened in second world war too?They retreated because that Canada Goose online was the only option and later we (and Russians) saw that retreating actually helped them. Then we canada goose coats on sale staretd looking for evidence to suggest that retreat was a plan all along. I am asking whether that was the case.