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As CFO, Snow knew or was reckless in not knowing that neither Durham and Cochran nor their entities could repay the funds they took from Fair Finance. Nonetheless, they continued to raise hundreds of millions of dollars from investors by using false and misleading financial statements and other information contained in the offering circulars to deceive investors about Fair Finance true financial condition. Ultimately, Durham, Cochran and their related companies never repaid these loans, and they used new investor proceeds to repay earlier investors in the nature of a Ponzi scheme.Durham and Cochran also distributed large amounts of money to family members and friends, and misused investor funds to afford mortgages for multiple homes, a $3 million private jet, a $6 million yacht, and classic and exotic cars worth more than $7 million.

This is followed by a start up investment stage, which concurs with the functioning of the company, but before revenues are generated. Then comes the early growth phase that corresponds to the period wherein revenues start coming in but they are not enough to become a major source of finance to sustain operations. This leads to follow on or what the industry terms as the “mezzanine” stage, wherein the venture capital firm steps in to enable sustainment of the operations.

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