Breeding koi is so much fun.0Tropical Fish AquariumsBlack or White? Choosing the right background for your Aquariumby Amar Salvi5 years agoOne of the considerations that hobbyists face while setting up their aquarium,is whether the aquarium should have background scenery or not. Many types lay their eggs in the bottom substrate that dries out in their natural habitats.Male and Female Betta fishby Livehappy894 years agoHow to tell a male Betta fish from a female Betta fish and why is that important.I owned and ran an internal filter for many months before I workedout what the little piece of plastic tubing with the doodad on theThis article focuses on three freshwater aquarium fish species that are a must for any newly prepped hobbyist’s tank. The Black Molly, Platys as well as Swordtails, make a great addition to a new aquarium environment..

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