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Facebook is to further its experiments in wireless drones by flying a customised quadcopter over its Silicon Valley headquarters in a bid to test the technology for use in its planned fleet of solar powered Aquila drones.In a filing quoted by Business Insider Facebook said it was pushing ahead with the experiment to test potential new communications applications and equipment in a controlled, low-altitude airborne environment.The drone, manufactured by Facebooks FCL Tech subsidiary, will ascend to a height of 400ft between October and April during testing although the Aquila drone itself , which has a larger wingspan than a Boeing 737 replica designer bags , will be kept well away from Menlo Park.All this activity is geared toward delivery of airborne technology capable of opening up internet access to consumers currently out of reach of existing infrastructure.This article is about: North America, Facebook, Social Media, MediaSource: Business Insider

High flying Facebook to launch wireless drone experiment

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