Apple is expected to launch new iPad models in the first half of 2019, according to several rumours floating around. Apple is expected to launch a new smaller iPad variant, likely to be called iPad mini 5. Fresh speculations point towards the iPad mini 5 borrowing its design from the iPad mini 4.

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Montrealers will soon have a rare opportunity to hear Jewish themed music from the golden age of classical music in a synagogue sanctuary. In celebration of its 250th anniversary, the Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue will host the McGill Chamber Orchestra (MCO), under the baton of its artistic director Boris Brott, on Sept. 2..

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For all of Microsoft’s successes in hardware (Surface Pro and Surface Book are both great devices), it has never been able to make an impact in the mobile phone market. The failure to do so was underscored at the end of last year when Microsoft decided to stop selling Lumia handsets at its Microsoft Store. Be that as it may, Microsoft has never said it’s getting out of the phone hardware business completely.

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In order to create a broad movement, the ON sought cheap jordans size 6 to model the new party (as it earlier had sought to model itself) on the more established Italian Social Movement (MSI), which at the time appeared to establish a broad coalition for the Italian right. The FN adopted a French version of the MSI tricolour flame as its logo. In 1973 the party created a youth movement, the Front national de la jeunesse (National Front of the Youth, FNJ).

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