The key to showing a commitment and making the entire process meaningful is to identify critical components of the code of conduct and then providing detailed and interesting examples. The issues will vary by company. Some areas where an employee may inadvertently run into trouble include accepting gifts, identifying conflicts of interest and the process to report a criminal act that has been witnessed..

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In 1908, a Congressional commission was established to come up with a solution. The debate was heated, as some politicians were afraid of giving too much power to the New York financial elite, while others were afraid of giving too wide powers to the federal government. Consensus was reached during the administration of Woodrow Wilson, when the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 was passed.

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Consider Work Spaces If the Gen Y and X employees want to accessorize their work space in a fashion that suits them let them (keeping limits on things that may offend). Even if the Traditionalist or Baby Boomer doesn’t understand their accessorizing fashion or even the need for it it to them. A happy work space means greater productivity..

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