Yes wholesale jerseys, an anecdote can support a position, if it a reliable account and statistically significant, or a single reliable anecdote can be a valid refutal of a position that claims that there are exactly zero occurrences of whatever the anecdote is describing. But providing a single personal anecdote to support your position on an anonymous internet message board is neither reliable nor statistically significant, and the user you were responding to wasn making any blanket, “duration NEVER matters” kind of negative statements. Regardless of whether you trying to support a positive or disprove a negative, your anonymous anecdote is hearsay, essentially meaningless to anybody reading your comment, and doesn support your argument at all, which is why I found it ironic that you were pointing out that anecdotes aren evidence while using your own personal anecdote to refute a generalized statement that lengthy testing may be overkill for most people [emphasis mine], and support your definitive, blanket statement that duration does matter [emphasis yours].

I quite like Hyman and to clarify, I not a huge fan of him in the top6 but at this point I okay with it. I would much rather a player like Kapanen who can fulfill 80% of the forechecking job and then have some competence with the puck on the stick. Both Tavares and Marner are incredible passers and I think that having their third linemate having stone hands is a waste of potential.

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Also consider the external environment or the “other party” when scheduling tasks. For instance, avoid paying utility bills over the counter during the peak lunch hour when everyone is out of their office. Rather visit the utility office a couple of hours later and avoid the long queue.

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