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There were a few conflicts like the Swedish Hearthstone debacle and my Rivals and Melee pools overlapping. I know it very difficult to get everything to line up perfectly. Maybe, if at all possible, the uk canada goose outlet brackets could be published even earlier and it would be the players responsibilities to report any conflicts before a certain point.

Canada Goose Outlet But overall you and Matt did a great job. We went a little late day 2 but nothing canada goose factory sale disastrous. There always room for improvement though.

canada goose coats on sale Floor space: is it possible to have traversable aisles through the canada goose uk black friday different game stations? I understand you lost some square footage due to some construction you weren aware of, but if the event happens again and grows larger that little increase in space might not be enough.

buy canada goose jacket cheap We didn really have any problems enforcing VIP seating this time because there really weren that many Canada Goose Outlet people and the arena cheap Canada Goose seats were pretty much just as nice. But I canada goose coats on sale could see this being an issue if the event had considerably more people.

canadian goose jacket Venue audio: How canada goose uk outlet do people feel about commentary being heard in the venue? I think the crowd definitely benefits from it, but it might be very distracting to canada goose uk shop the players. Also, the commentary audio canada goose sounded off somehow in the venue (at least in the VIP seating). It probably just due to how the speakers are not canada goose store configured for people sitting there on the arena floor. It not a huge deal, but maybe something to keep in mind.

canada goose coats (I actually might have a potential solution to this. I email Justin about it.)

canada goose clearance People: get more to canada goose black friday sale come cuz it dope

canada goose deals Sponsors and Vendors: I would love to see them integrated more into the main event. Pixio and Battle Beaver Customs were great, but most of the other vendors weren even mentioned let alone given the opportunity to make any presentations or do any giveaways from the main buy canada goose jacket cheap stage. If it isn too obtrusive or obnoxious, I canada goose clearance think it be awesome to give them that chance especially since there was some really cool stuff there that not too many people paid any attention to.

Panels and side events: canadian goose jacket It Canada Goose Coats On Sale awesome to have multiple smaller events and interesting panels but they get so much less attention than they deserve if they are removed canada goose coats from the main floor, not streamed, difficult to find, and only mentioned in the handouts that not even half the uk canada goose people in the venue had.

canada goose If we going to have awesome Fantasy Con properties on site, can we find a way to use them more awesomely than just pushing them off to the side?

Canada Goose Jackets After GTX (and first, Low Tier City), I come to find that smashers mostly come to tournaments to play and watch buy canada goose jacket smash. I would love to see everything else these convention lite tournaments have to offer be utilized better and more valued by the community.

cheap Canada Goose idk the solution but that your job. :p

buy canada goose jacket Project M: idk man. I mean, I grateful we got to be there at all but, like, we were almost literally in a restroom. The League or Hearthstone/Pokken/Pokemon rooms had a ton of empty space and PM had more entrants than all of them. I don want to say not to let us be there, but since numbers wise we were more valuable than Hearthstone/League/Pokken/Pokemon/FGC/Rocket League, could we possibly get some of the resources they had?

Bear: should accept a water bottle when I offer one to him so I actually feel useful canada goose clearance sale as a volunteer to the event (

Canada Goose online Volunteers: Certainly not your responsibility, but as a volunteer I think that applications could have been vetted a bit more (some people were taking advantage of the position without putting in the work, imo) and then they could have been organized a bit more efficiently with a clearer chain of communication available to solve problems. Especially on day one I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing; eventually I just started carrying water around and offering it to important looking people or would ask Devon for Canada Goose sale work because I felt useless and wanted to earn my free entry and bright orange t shirt.

Though actually I think I may have just missed some initial instruction that might have solved a lot of my problems. Oh well.

canada goose store All that being said, GT staff were apparently happy with the help they got and I know at least a few volunteers in particular were incredibly helpful.

Doubles: I sure doing all of doubles in Canada Goose online one day will be discussed, but the points Armada made summarize it neatly. Pros: players can focus solely on doubles and then solely on singles. Cons: viewer numbers suffer if doubles is finished on an early day

Canada Goose Parka Event Venue Communication: there weren any real problems, but I wonder if the arena staff could have been a bit more prepared for what was coming their way because they mostly seemed confused and alarmed and weren terribly helpful because they really had no idea how the event worked (let alone what it was actually for).

canada goose clearance sale Ceremony: what we had wasn bad by any means, but I think Mr. Patel overhyped it a bit. The player intros in the Top 8s were fun but not any more impressive than what CEO does. And, uh, a couple of small fog machines aren really going Canada Goose Parka to do much in an open NBA arena.

The venue MC also wasn bad by any means (pulp), but even if Smash is nowhere near the level of some other esports, we could Canada Goose Jackets at least give the appearance that it is. Hell, Day9 has even expressed casual interest in competitive smash. If we can afford him, he could be an incredible asset to have in our scene and to our events. Or we can hire some local talent that might be a bit more impressive. I might know a guy.

Scope: this is more of a GameTyrant thing, but assuming this event continues to grow (assuming it continues at all) where do we see this going? I would suggest looking to the Dota 2 International as the absolute gold standard for esports events Canada Goose Online currently, and seeing what small improvements can be made cheap canada goose uk towards that direction.