Companies in a consortium may also merge data from various sources into a single dataset. This allows for several users to work on different endpoints of the dataset for the same substance without having to worry about formatting issues. IUCLID makes it possible to group chemical substances into groups of related chemicals, called chemical categories, in order to facilitate the assessment of related chemicals together as one group.

If you have an older card, however, the Radeon 5000 series is a good choice. While the older Radeon 4000 series cards are currently much cheaper, I think that the features added to the 5000 series are worth spending the extra money. And if cash is the issue, then just wait a few months.

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While the system requirements for 64 bit versions of Vista lists 1 GB of RAM as minimum, 4 GB is recommended. This is where I begin to get a little concerned since the recommended requirements are actually starting to exceed the maximum amount of RAM recognized in previous Windows versions. Even though most of these previous versions were 32 bit, this is still a big jump..

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