Con solo tres kil de largo, esta pendiente tiene un gradiente promedio de 13%, con un pico impresionante de 28%. Un infierno para caminar con pedales. Este su de manga corta, extra liviano, transpirable y c est confeccionado con tejido Romit en la parte delantera, trasera y con bolsillos, y Net en los laterales.

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They never got within 2 scores of us because we didn let them and, yes, we picked it up again and scored when it looked like they might close the gap. If they had made those FGs then it likely we would have just kept the heat up on them. People are so rediculous with this narrative as if it even logical to just add the points ONE team misses and act like it would have changed the outcome.The defense played pretty good today and it been considerably better every single game.

We started chatting about the beta and moves that this one girl had to complete to get up this 5.12b (not an easy route), and he was able to predict perfectly the sequence of moves she was going to do, and in about four moves, fall because of a very specific hold and body position on the route. The girl followed his guess perfectly. He continued to do the same for every group climbing around us, including my own friends on the wall.

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