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Ramesh Chakrapani tipped Nicos Stephanou with material nonpublic information regarding the potential NHI acquisition, who in turn tipped Michael Koulouroudis with that information. Koulouroudis traded on the basis of this information. Nicos Stephanou also either tipped his father, or in an effort to evade detection, traded NHI in his father’s brokerage account..

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A few other cameras use a Foveon, or other types of digital sensor arrays depending on the digital camera’s make and model. Each type of digital sensor in turn, is a collection of millions of sensor points which are called pixels, an abbreviation for “picture elements.” Pixels then, are arranged in a series of rows and columns much like a checker board. As an example, if a camera has a sensor array that is 3008 pixels horizontal, and 2000 pixels vertical, that is 3008 times 2000 which equals 6,016,000.

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