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I play CS since 2007 and this is getting to a point where even if you love game you cant do anything about it. So many low skilled players are watching these pro games, they don know 20% of what we know about CS and all they say is “Wow you say cheater, you must be silver”, Unless a pro player talks about this situation or Valve realize what they are doing theres 0% chance to see a clean game of CS when money is on the line. Rip CS and long live Parkinson, s1mple, somebody, smooya.

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I know that. I just find him annoying and his antics unbearable. That pretty face of his becomes extremely annoying when he celebrating every first down he gets or going into the 3rd minute of his 5 minute touchdown celebrations. Lagrangian points are like this, except on a larger scale. Take a two body system, with each body being large enough to exert significant gravitational influence on a third, smaller body. Within this system, there are five points where the opposing gravitational fields may hold this third body stationary relative to the other two bodies.

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