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When I think of Pele, I don think of a Black soccer player, I think of the best soccer player in the world. I don see Maradona as a Hispanic player, I see him as Argentina legend player. Bruce Arena and Sigi Schmid are White American guys and they happen to be the coaches who won the most trophies in MLS.

A font may be missing, the user may have an outdated browser, or other factors may come into play. Always view your page designs as suggestions for rendering, not with absolute expectations they will look exactly as they do on your development PC.Do not set your text in justified format, since the actual display on users’ equipment may render this in unpleasant or odd ways. Centered and right justified text is about as bad as justified unless it is a single line for emphasis, be people read left to right and unusual centering or right alignment throws people off when reading a block of text.