Sons of famous players will often take on their father’s number, especially if they play at the same club. Sergio Silvagni and his son Stephen, for example, both wore number 1 for Carlton, with Stephen’s son Jack later following suit. Matthew Scarlett wore his father John’s no.

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Apple Color brings in incredibly powerful color grading tools and Motion is going to give you the abilities to work in motion graphics and titles that are an absolute must for those trying to really focus on the aesthetic of complete video projects. In a lot of ways, the Final Cut Studio will give your gift receiver everything they need to post produce any project and wrapping it up as a gift this holiday season will allow them to stop going to educational institutions and rental houses to finish their work. At $999, it is also going to hit your bank account in a relatively profound way and may be the most expensive item on your digital video holiday shopping list.

18 points submitted 1 day agoRoss doesn consider that a valid excuse. He feels one of the reasons Renault didn do as well with their engine for 2014 as Mercedes is because, seeing as they had no works team, they didn have enough of a basis to correlate their engine to track performance and Red Bull didn work closely enough with them to alleviate that. That and they were being made to focus on the 2012 and 2013 because of Red Bull development while Merc had turned their sights forward already.

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