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President Barack Obama plans to commit $70 million for a manufacturing institute to be located in Canton Township that will focus on “lightweight and modern metals manufacturing,” the administration said Saturday in a statement.The Michigan institute will be one of two manufacturing innovation initiatives led by the Defense Department in the Midwest. The federal funds will be matched with $70 million in funds from nonfederal sources, according to the White House.Aluminum, titanium and high-strength steel manufacturers will work with universities and labs on research and development at the institute.Detroit Mayor Mike Duggans said the selection of the Detroit area for the institute is “great news for our city and our region.””We are especially glad that Focus:Hope is a key member of the consortium because it means Detroiters will be among the first in the world to develop the skills needed to manufacture these lightweight metals,” Duggan said in a statement Saturday evening. “I look forward to working with the consortium to make sure as much work as possible is done in the city of Detroit in order to maximize the job opportunities available to Detroiters.”A second institute, in Chicago, will be the host for manufacturing and software companies to develop interoperable software and hardware for supply chains and to reduce manufacturing costs. That institute also will get $70 million in federal support.The 41 companies that will be part of the consortium include Boeing Co. and Caterpillar Inc.Obama will announce the plans Tuesday at a White House event. The president’s budget , which will be released early next month, will include funding for manufacturing hubs replica designer handbags , one of Obama’s priorities, Josh Earnest, deputy White House press secretary, told reporters this week.The $140 million will be matched with money from what the White House said would be non-federal sources. The statement didn’t specify where that funding would come from.

$140 million manufacturing institute to be based in Canton, White House announces

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