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I hate that I enjoy it. Skip will piss me off and Shannon will make me laugh. It this sweet and salty mixture that gets addicting.Otherwise, for real sports analytics I like two local guys. I have anecdotes on both sides of this. The kid that was relentlessly bullied (shamefully, I participated on one occasion, still feel terrible about it decades later) went military to prison guard. The kid that actually became a cop was semi popular athlete (played football, wrestling, and ran track with him) that wanted to be seen as super tough/badass but never quite accomplished it.

One negative undercurrent to discussions on scams is the idea that someone was “outsmarted.” Not all scams are based on outmaneuvering someone. Scams aren usually some grand con that are based on outsmarting the mark. Usually they just try to get you to make an emotional decision, and unless you a robot, everyone is vulnerable to that..

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