Active shooter situation at Noblesville Middle School in Indiana

Just comparing this with what I lived in 6th grade. There was an incident where I was beaten up to a pulp and lost it. Decided I would kill one of the guys, any one canada goose uk black friday of them. I got a sharp retract knife from art class and followed him canada goose coats on sale on his way home.12 years later I still deal with the consequences of that. The fact I was bullied and beaten up doesn matter anymore, but I scared to death of my own anger. When I was 12, triping on rage, I had rationaly decided I would kill another human being and acted on it.Not trying to push an agenda, just sharing canada goose my experience because it was on a similar age of this incident. But I 100% sure if I had easy acess to a gun I would be buy canada goose jacket dealing with different problems. I would be a murderer.A kid should never Canada Goose Parka have acess to a lethal weapon. Never.Good to hear about a school shooting that didn end in tragedy. But you guys have a big problem rooted canada goose coats on the contradictions of your society, and it is already out of control. I didn want to detail my story because it wasn the point, but for all the people that are calling me a “monster” or that i blaming society canada goose store for something that was my fault, I detail a bit more.I wonder what each one of you would do when 3 guys carried you, tied you to a tree and started humiliating you, spitting on you, demanding that I became their slaves and do everything they said. I said buy canada goose jacket cheap no until it escalated to violence. I was tied to a tree being punched and kicked non stop for enought time that I coudn even scream anymore. Even the pain went away. I remember exactly that because the pain went Canada Goose Online away when the rage begun. Consumed by rage the hits didnt hurt and I even laughted maniacly, staring them in the eyes. I said a simple ” I will kill one of you ” and didn say a thing anymore. Thats the moment I decided. One of the few really significant commonalities among mass canada goose clearance shooters is a history of domestic violence. Whether this kid had an actual history of domestic violence before the shooting is speculation, but shooting your girlfriend certainly seems to qualify in and of itself.There an additional question here, to my mind, about the difference between actual domestic violence uk canada goose and misogynistic philosophies like the incel movement.Then came Columbine. The sociologist Ralph Larkin argues uk canada goose outlet that Harris and Klebold laid down the “cultural script” for the next generation of shooters. They had a Web site. They made home movies starring themselves as hit men. They wrote lengthy manifestos. They recorded their “basement tapes.” canada goose clearance sale Their motivations were spelled out with grandiose specificity: Harris said he wanted to “kick start a revolution.” Larkin looked at the twelve major school shootings in the United States in canadian goose jacket the eight years after Columbine, and cheap canada goose uk he found that in eight of those subsequent cases the shooters made explicit reference to Harris and Klebold. Of the eleven school shootings outside the United States between 1999 and 2007, Larkin says six were plainly versions of Columbine; of the eleven cases of thwarted shootings in the same period, Larkin says all were Columbine inspired.Along the same lines, the sociologist Nathalie E. Paton Canada Goose Coats On Sale has analyzed the online videos created by post Columbine shooters and found a recurring set of stylized Canada Goose Outlet images: a moment where the killer points his gun at the camera, then at his own temple, and then spreads his arms wide with a gun in each hand; the closeup; the wave goodbye at the end. “School shooters explicitly name or represent each other,” she writes. She mentions one who “refers to Cho as a brother in arms”; another who “points out that his cultural tastes are like those of ‘Eric and Dylan’ “; a third who “uses images from the Columbine shooting surveillance camera and devotes several videos to the Columbine killers.” And she notes, “This aspect underlines the fact that the boys actively canada goose outlet take part in associating themselves to a group.”It very scary to think of school shootings as a slow motion riot gradually lowering our collective thresholds toward a very specific kind of violence. Harrowing.EDIT: And Elliot Rodger wrote the canada goose factory sale “cultural script” for the current generation. So many shooters lately seem involved with the incel community or self identify as incels. Of course there are adult mass shooters. But time is a strange canada goose uk outlet thing in youth. Who can remember feeling like summers lasted forever as a kid, or that high school was all that there is? They don know what they don know that there is more.We are getting paralyzed by people shouting the answers at us that support their already calcified Canada Goose Jackets world views. My favorite quote lately was from Michael Gerson “It is one of the dirty habits of our political discourse that so many people use thermonuclear rhetorical weapons as a first resort. It is not enough for defenders of gun rights to be wrong; they must be complicit in murder. It is not enough for gun control advocates to be mistaken; they must be jack booted thugs laying the groundwork for tyranny.” The gun debate just keeps sucking up all the air in the room. It is not that it is not to a greater or lesser part of the issue, it is just that in a flash it forces people to their tribal answer that keeps us from studying the question further. I really appreciate Captain Bursten’s interview. He makes a valid point with the media coverage, but doesn’t accuse the media of causing the crimes. He even admits that he doesn’t know canada goose black friday sale the solution.FFS people. Yeah he shouldn’t have had access to guns and I’ve always been Canada Goose online a strong supporter of gun control. But goddamn. The Captain is right that it’s partially because people can see it as a valid solution. He just canada goose uk shop is. The solution isn’t restricting freedom of press and fuck if I know what the solution is. But you can’t just ignore the press coverage putting Canada Goose sale in the spotlight and yell about me about guns. Both easy access to guns and the idea that shooting up a school can fix your pain are problems. People think “Oh, you big. No one is going to mess with you.” but in reality, this means that you a target for anyone trying to prove they a bad ass. And for me, at least, I realized that I was about the same size as their parents so I could have hurt them so I didn fight back.I snapped once in sixth grade and punched this kid that just wouldn stop tormenting me, then I picked him up and dumped him in one of those big trash cans in the cafeteria. I got a week of suspension but we became friends afterwards. Elliot Rodger is a perfect example; his parents spent a lot of time and money on psychiatrists, who prescribed him medication, and called the police on him when they saw his videos online. He managed to persuade the police that his parents were overreacting and they didn have to enter his room. He refused to take his medication (and was an adult and could not be forced). There reaches a certain cheap Canada Goose age when kids become adept manipulators and know how to stop others from interfering with their behaviour. Poor thing had her entire teenage sex life broadcast to the world of incels via his stupid manifesto. Like, they were a case in which I just felt like the family were victims of the shooter too.

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