They range in age from 1 to 70 years old.When the boat capsized, many jumped to the aid of those helpless in the water and risked their lives to save others.They all seem to say the same things about the weather during the tragedy, saying the wind started to pick up when different boats were boarding and that when they say the water became intensely choppy.Witnesses from nearby boats said their staff was scrambling around trying to figure out how to help get people out of the water as fast as possible.One man who was on a showboat says he helped pull a woman onto their boat.”We got one of the life carriers, one of those things, we got her in there and pulled her up and I was yelling for people to get CPR. I know CPR, so I was ready to go, said Sioux City, IA, resident Trent Behr.Video posted by Jennie Phillips Hudson Carr and shot from a nearby larger vessel showed two duck boats rocking and tilting to the side as the lake’s ripples turned into massive waves.”Oh my God, those poor people, oh no!” someone says in the background as the water crashes into the bopping boats.”If there’s kids on there cheap jordan sneakers , those poor babies,” a female voice says.Oklahoma native Ricky Garza tweeted, “My parents were boarding the Branson Belle when this happened. They are ok but they witnessed this tragedy and are very shaken.

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