I have to plan ahead, I think. This is because most people will fit the feeding into their own daily / weekly schedule. However, having said that, it is pretty hard to kill a starter. If she shoving hard enough to push you to tower that quickly and consistently, she has no energy to win trades and shouldn be near your tower. If she isn using energy to shove, how the fuck are you letting her shove you to your tower? If she using her shroud to make up for the energy, she not using it to zone you off tower.Literally all I saying is that the argument that she can “zone you off tower several times a minute” is only possible if you an absolute dogshit player letting her roll over you.She needs levels and items to be able to clear with any kind of real effectiveness if she wants to force people to trade under turret. And at that point, laning phase is mostly over and rotations/ganks are happening too often to risk shoving a wave under the opponent tower and forcing elongated trades under it every wave..

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