It’s important to note that any quantity below 25 units is a loss, and anything above 25 units is a profit. Companies may look at their break even quantity and immediately recognize that it’s an easily attainable quantity to sell or manufacture. Or, it might just cause them to pursue other approaches to increasing their production throughput..

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Few Americans spoke the language of the DPs, which made overall administration confusing and difficult. For UNRRA came predominately from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada, although by the time UNRRA’s charter expired in 1947 over forty countries had contributed money, goods, and people to its humanitarian activities. The $4 billion dollars of aid was mostly paid by the United States (73%) and the United Kingdom (16%), with the remainder provided by the other 44 nations, most notably Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Brazil, and South Africa.UNRRA was the official Allied umbrella organization overseeing the work of almost 125 non governmental organizations (NGOs) providing relief assistance with money and materials.

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